Thread depth calculator

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Thread depth calculator

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Invalid email. This is required. Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forgot password? What's New? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: How to calculate thread depth of an M thread.


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. How to calculate thread depth of an M thread Hello, Im currently working on CNC simulations and trying to perform threading operations. I want to know how to calculate thread depth of a thread when the thread name is provided.

Lets assume we have a M12 X 1. From which I calculate the thread depth with the below equation. Now there is another equation to calculate thread depth as given below. One yields a value of 0. If Ive framed both the equations correctly, which equation of the two should I use while specifying the thread depth? Thank You. Are you creating internal or external threads? Also remember that minor diameter for an internal thread is increased due to the usual use of 75 percent of thread.

Finally if you are creating helical threads on a cad system like Catia the solid under the helical groove used to create the thread should be slightly less in diameter to prevent computational errors. Hope this helps. I have always used 0. Regardless of what formula you use, you will most likely still have to tweak the first one a littleStarts: Dimensions are in inches.

Glossary Thread calculator: All calculated results are based on; Basic outside diameter, number of threads per inch, series designation and class tolerances. Making a thread that follow these specifications will ensure that it will work with threaded holes or shafts made by other manufacturers that follow these common specs.

Outside diameter: This is the biggest diameter of the helical portion of a thread. The biggest external diameter of a Screw or the biggest internal diameter of a threaded hole. NOTE: The size of the hexagon of a bolt or nut has no relevance when defining a thread size. TPI: Threads per inch The number of thread, or "V"s along a one inch length which in turns, defines the size of the "V" shape of the helical portion of a thread.

NOTE: If the length of the threaded portion of a screw or threaded hole is shorter or longer than one inch, the size of the "V" shape is still defined by the number of thread that would fit along a one inch length.

It also plays a role in determining the length of engagement. UN: standard series thread.

Threadmill Calculator

UNC: coarse thread series. UNF: fine thread series. UNEF: extra-fine thread series. UNS: special thread series. UNR: standard series thread with rounded root. The class tolerance determines the size of the gap between the pitch diameters of the internal and external thread. Most commonly used are the classes 2A and 2B. Most screws have only 1 but a thread with multiple starts advance a greater distance for each turn. Definition: This is the standard way of defining a screw thread.

Can be a fractions, screw number 0 - 12, or a decimal number. Can be a decimal number such as 4. UNS: Thread series designation. It does not need to be specified for 1 start threads. Wire Diameters: Diameter of the wires used to measure the dimension close to the pitch diameter the external screw thread.

Screw Thread Nomenclature

Length of engagement: Basic length of thread engagement that is defined by a combination of thread series, pitch and diameter.Metric thread calculator to calculate external and internal metric thread dimensions including major diameter, minor diameter, pitch diameter and thread tolerance according to ISO and ISO standards. In general engineering use, calculations can be done by selecting a standard metric thread size in a range from 1.

Tolerance class can be selected among the alternatives 6e, 6f, 6g and 4h for bolts and 5H, 6H, 7H and 6G for nuts. The user shall use 6g for bolts and 6H for nuts unless there is a specific requirement to use other tolerance classes. In custom use, thread size, pitch and tolerance classes can be independently selected for custom metric thread dimensions calculations. M10 x 1 6g.

Unified National Imperial Screw Thread Calculator

Use this tolerance class for commercial external bolt threads. For usage of the other classes, refer to ISO Use this tolerance class for commercial internal threads.

Note For coated threads, the tolerances apply to the parts before coating, unless otherwise stated. After coating, the actual thread profile shall not at any point transgress the maximum material limits for positions h or H. For external bolt threads; The actual root contours shall not at any point transgress the basic profile. Fasteners of property class 8. Basic profile: The theoretical profile of a screw thread in an axial plane defined by theoretical dimensions and angles common to internal and external threads.

Crest: The surface at the top of the ridge connecting its two flanks. Gauges and Gauging: Details for the manufacture and use of gauges for checking ISO general-purpose metric screw threads are specified in the ISO standard. Major Diameter: The maximum diameter of a thread which is diameter of the crest of a male thread or root of a female thread.

thread depth calculator

Minor Diameter: The minimum diameter of a thread which is diameter of the root of a male thread or crest of a female thread. Root: The surface at the bottom of the groove connecting the adjacent flanks. Please Wait Calculation Type. General Engineering Use Custom Use. Metric Thread. Nominal Diameter. Bolt Tolerance Class. Pitch Diameter Tolerance. Major Diameter Tolerance.

Nut Tolerance Class. Minor Diameter Tolerance. Tolerance Class for Bolt. Tolerance Class for Nut. Screw Thread Series. Maximum Major Diameter. Minimum Major Diameter. Maximum Pitch Diameter.

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Minimum Pitch Diameter. Minimum Root Radii.SandeepM asked a question. I need some help regarding Thread depth and hole depth clearance. What formula do we use for these clearances? Just want to make sure if this is correct and applies as a general rule.

Specifically, I want to know B and E from the image below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: threads per inch. The lead-in chamfer to full thread of a tap will vary. You have to know the tap design and should also allow for overtravel and chip build-up in the bottom of the hole. The machinist no doubt makes allowances but it could be a problem in "don't break thru" cases, etc.

thread depth calculator

I'll jot down all my rules-of-thumb for blind threads. Thread Clearance B is at least 2x thread pitch. This is because you assume that the last two threads of a tap will not result in a full thread of engagement, so you need to "overshoot" the tap in order to get the actual full-thread depth.

This wikipedia page has a good picture of a typical tap, and you can see the chamfer that will not create full threads. Exampe: I'm using a. There are 20 threads per inch, or. The drill depth E is the same as the clearance above. In order to get the full-thread depth per the requirement, the chamfered tip of the tap must have room to extend past the threaded portion. Here the tap drill depth dosn't matter to a point, it's up to the machinest on what depth to go.

We call out a thread depth and they have to meet it.

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So if they want to drill through they can even knowing the drawing doesn't show it. Siemens Digital Industries Software. Search the Community. Sign in to ask the community. Close search. View This Post. August 17, at AM. How to calculate Thread depth and Hole depth clearance. Hello All, I need some help regarding Thread depth and hole depth clearance. Solid Edge. Thread Clearance: Thread Clearance B is at least 2x thread pitch.

Drill Depth: The drill depth E is the same as the clearance above. Login to answer this question. Related Questions Nothing found.The allowable stresses and screw end force and the method of applying the force in the calculation of the tensile stress are not considered on this page but are addressed on this site by tables and more importantly referenced links If a screw threaded fastener is to fail it is preferable that the screw fails rather than the internal or external thread strips.

The length of the screw engagement should therefore be sufficient to carry the full load necessary to break the screw without the threads stripping. The size of a screwed fastener is first established by calculating the tensile load to be withstood by the screw and selecting a suitable screw to withstand the tensile load with the appropriate factor of safety or preload.

If the joint is fixed using a nut and bolt then assuming the nut is selected from the same grade as the bolt there is little need to size the nut. The fastener manufacture sizes the length of the nut to ensure the screw will fail before the nut. If the screw fastens into a tapped hole then a check of the depth of thread engagement is required. Generally for female and male threads of the same material with, the female thread is stronger than the male thread in shear for the same length of engagement.

The following rules of thumb are suggested for arriving at reasonable lengths of thread for steel screws used with screwed holes in weaker materials. For steel a length of thread engagement of at least 1 x Nominal dia's of the thread For Cast Iron or brass or bronze the thread engagement should be at least 1,5 x Nominal dia's of the thread For Aluminiumzinc or plastices the thread engagement should be at least 2 x Nominal dia's of the thread. However for a quality safe connection, when the tapped material has a significantly lower ultimate tensile strength than the screw material, - to ensure the screw will fail in tension before the female, it is preferable to use suitably rated nuts or engineered thread inserts.

For some notes on thread Inserts ref. Thread Inserts. To ensure that the screw fails before the thread strips it is necessary the the shear area is at least 2 times the tensile area.

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This assumes that the male and female thread materials have the same strength. If the Female Material strength is lower i. If the value of J is greater than than 1 then the length of engagement must be increased to at least. The above formulae are sufficient to enable the tensile strength to be calculated and to allow the depth of thread to be confirmed for a tapped hole. Following are equations to provide more accurate evaluation of the shear strength of threads. They strictly apply to UN thread series but if the relevent metric screw thread dimensions are used they will give reasonable results.

In practice when the values are calculated the value for the screw shear strength is similar to the very convenient formula provided above. These equations are only of theoretical value.

Minimum Length Of Thread Assuming male and female threads are materials of similar strength. If material in which the female thread is tapped is significantly weaker that the screw material then J must be evaluated.

The purpose of this table is to show the results of the above formula. It is clear from this table that there is no major benefit in using the detailed formula above. The approximate formula for the screw thread shear stress area A ss is generally sufficiently accurate and there is no need to use the more detailed formula for A s.

For sizes below M6 the formulas yield very similar values. If you intend to use this information please check it against a reliable source ref disclaimer above. Remember - the information on this site is for general information purposes only and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about its completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability.

Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Roy Beardmore passed away on 9th March He is sadly missed. This website, Roymech, has been an invaluable resource for engineers around the world and we hope to maintain this incredible legacy going forward.

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thread depth calculator

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thread depth calculator

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Metric Screw Threads: M Profile

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