Arma 3 milsim units 2019

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Arma 3 milsim units 2019

How do I join? DCS Vikings Squadron. Elite Dangerous. TF is an Arma 3 milsim which is directly lead and supervised by multiple real-world military veterans. As of FebruaryTF will be reaching 3-years old and has been constantly operational and hosting missions for its entire tenure.

TF has been deployed to nearly every continent; however the major theater of operations is the Middle East. Recreated by the experiences of its veteran community; players get to see first-hand how missions overseas are conducted successfully.

TF is by no means a veterans-only community. Players either planning on enlisting, exiting the service, or with an appreciation of the American Military are always welcome; barring their maturity and ability to follow orders. Positions are always open so contact one of our recruiters today. Command is cracking down on outdated or incorrect Mod Lists so make sure you are checking the posted list in the CSO daily before OP time.

The website is still being updated and optimized for the most mobile-friendly experience ; so if you have any concerns please contact an admin. Do you have a channel, are you a member of TF? If so and you would like a video featured on this page, contact Dirty or another admin and we will put it up for a one time donation.

Donations :. Tim Gordon. Our special bork bork Huss. Content Creators :. Stokes - Assistant Creator and Editor. Administrators :. What is Task Force ? Unit News. Check us out on Social Media.

Unit Channels and Videos. People that made this site possible:.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Arma 3 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. Wicked View Profile View Posts. I'm just getting back into arma 3. I am active duty military in MST timezone. My work hours are really crappy, but I hope to find a decent group.

I have been playing more of a support gunner role as of late. Showing 1 - 15 of 44 comments. Corgi View Profile View Posts. Kasper View Profile View Posts. Sup check out seal team 2. Lots of vets and active duty. The 9th AC is a co-op focused unit with many expierenced mission makers, military veterans and expierenced arma players.

The 9th has custom uniforms and mods for a unique arma expierence. They will be able to assist you in any questions or concerns you may have. Please get back to me if you have any questions. Hey I added you if your still intrested in a unit, Im from the 4thID. We can see if are the right unit for you! Jordan R. We're all a bunch of friends including some retired military. If you wanna know more, just add me and we can chat. Hey there Deadshot. I'm with the th Attack Battalion, and I'd like to invite you to come and check us out.

We're a Star Wars milsim, otherwise known as a Starsim. There's usually someone willing to host a fun op almost any time of day, so you shouldn't have to worry about finding something to do. As for roles, we've actually got a pretty wide variety, including autorifleman, light AT, light assault, and a handful of airborne, aviator and sometimes mechanized roles.Our team has years of experience in ArmA with expertise in community management and dedicated staff, you can focus on the fun.

Our community acknowledges that it is possible to go too far with realism. Our priority is for you to have fun in a serious and structured environment. Search for:. Welcome to Taskforce AusCorp Get involved. A good start to some single missions to follow for the next few weeks. We will have the opportunity to trial some new things and test some performance options during this non-campaign period.

We are pumping out trainings especially this week so we can get people qualified, trained and ready…. Continue Reading. We have come to the end of Operation Unknown with some people who really enjoyed it and others who may have had some issues with it.

This happens gents and J2 try to target the majority of the group but it some times just not possible to please everyone. What a week it has been. The world is changing every day due to recent events and we are seeing the effects onto TFAC as well.

We all need to continue to be resilient, understanding and patient during these times so we can maintain TFAC being the most professional and….

Hi all, long time no post. Excuse me if I don't finesse your eyeballs with the same level of content that Thomo does, however, welcome to this weeks Company Update.

Sunday 22nd OperationThis weeks operation was a great success from my perspective. Having gone last week against a much harder…. Well, what a mission. A successful mission last night with some great things conducted across both platoons. A tough but overall good start to the new campaign. We had some mission issues including medic settings, no reservist slots and no OPDEM crates, but we got through it and managed to only just completed our tasks.

arma 3 milsim units 2019

An overall successful operation last night by both PL's and an overall very successful campaign. We have a few changes occurring this week along with important points that are mentioned below but will also be addressed this week. Ensure we're encouraging section members and reservists to read the weekly's as….

Leading a PL was great fun for myself and I….Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Arma 3 Store Page. Global Achievements.

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Global Leaderboards. Hello there! I've been playing Arma 3 for 2 weeks and basically I'm tired of playing this amazing game alone so, I thought It was time for me to turn to multiplayer but i couldn't find any milsim server. Private or not, I'm looking for something semi-realistic. I would appreciate any sort of help! Showing 1 - 15 of 40 comments. Nemo View Profile View Posts.

Added lets talk. We have the most active duty and prior service members in the unit and we have the most experienced ARMA 3 players around. Hey man, if your interested in joining a fun star sim unit, talk to me.

Blue View Profile View Posts. I represent nd Infantry Regiment. We are a light infantry milsim. We are highly immersive and proffesional. We are a very new semi-serious group in GMT timezone. We have a modlist on the workshop that allows us to be any faction at any given time, which is why we dont stick to one faction and like to experience different tasks and use different gear. We are currently looking for members in ever field due to our small size.Arma 3.

Founded in Septemberwe are an established and tight-knit community consisting of Arma players from across different walks of life and places in the world, combining US forces from multiple branches to deliver a varied and exciting experience for our members.

arma 3 milsim units 2019

While no unit is totally unique, TF attempts to break out by being relaxed and professional in the realism department. We believe that everyone has a certain taste and style to their Arma preference. We focus on common sense but accurate policies, short training, high energy operations, active player base, and approachable but fleshed out realism and immersion.

We have multiple sections working both independently and cooperatively to bring a new level of coordinated missions. With experienced pilots and ground forces we can forge exciting sessions with our membership.

We want to present an active and high-energy environment that is professional when we need to be, laid back the rest of the time, and fun all the time. Our leadership is adept at what they do, whether it is designing missions and operations, or getting everyone hyped to get some game time in.

We hope by reading this website you will get a glimpse of what it's like to be apart of one of the strongest Arma 3 communities in existence and help you decide if we are the right group for you. About Us. We're a medium-size group, ranging from members on average per operation. Operations last from hours on average.

We have members from the age of 17 to their 60s. We have members from Indonesia to Brazil to the UK. They come from all walks of life from plumbers to students to corporate managers to military officers. We are more than an Arma unit, we have a tightly knit community and we often play other games together.

We want to get new members in the game quickly, and our basic training is designed to do just that: teach only what we do. Advanced training, such as flight, JTAC, medical, etc. That is also why our attendance policy is a bit unorthodox, we only require you to tell us if you plan on attending or not.

Proficiency in conversational in English. Valid copy of Arma 3. Positive attitude, high personal integrity, and maturity.

To be very clear, we do not care how tactically proficient an applicant is, or how many hours in Arma they may have. In game tactics and skill can be learned with time, bad attitudes can't be fixed over the internet. We maintain our community's health as our highest priority expect applicants to do the same. We look forward to playing with you! Gaming Community. The first operation was on 14 October We had ten people attend.

Most of us knew each other from other units.

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We had enough people to start recruiting for real, and little by little we grew. We decided that we wanted to make sure we provided a good experience for our membership and that we would acknowledge that fun came before realism. Fast forward to late summerwe had a solid group of members and hardly a week went by without someone new coming in, growth was steady and for the most part Task Force was rolling forward with strength.

I, however, long since felt that Task Force could be more than an ArmA milsim unit, as I had seen the group — I dare say community — form into its own micro-culture.

We had regulars and weekend warriors, but it was a community.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Arma 3 - Trying out Multiplayer for the First Time!

Install Steam. Store Page. Arma 3 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. Hay im pretty bored play everything known to man and im just looking for a decent milsim to play on, ill check the server out and see how it goes from then on im looking to stay for awhile and hopefully the server will stay a bit too.

Showing 1 - 15 of 29 comments. Ars0n1st View Profile View Posts. Rekkless View Profile View Posts. Hey man, I'm part of a ArmA unit that plays just about everyday. We play everything from large-scale modern day milsim co-op to role play zombie survival, Adversarial team vs team missions and even large-scale world war 2 co-op missions.

We don't lock ourselves into one type of game style or faction.

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We focus mostly on immersion, excitement, variety, and fun all while utilizing military tactics, structure and precision in-game.

We embody the term "Serious Fun.

arma 3 milsim units 2019

Our largest events are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Nights. We don't have any Milsim garbage - No recruitment process, no forms to fill out or red tape, no bootcamp, no ranks or any of that nonsense.

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All you have to do is download our mods and join the server. If you're looking for immersive large-scale military missions with lots of players and exciting gameplay. Look no further. If that is something that might interest you check out this and add me on steam and we can get you into a game.

Outbreak View Profile View Posts. Hey bud! Please stick with the community, and don't forget to enjoy yourself. Our Forums: rd-ab.

Last edited by Outbreak ; 13 Jan, am. SGT Roesler. Jabberwocky View Profile View Posts. Looking for something around 3rd shift pmam US centrel times. Originally posted by BrickW4lled :.

Last edited by Jabberwocky ; 10 Jan, pm. Originally posted by Jabberwocky :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Arma 3 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. Toxicchi View Profile View Posts. Hello fellow arma fans. I am an austrian somewhat experienced arma 3 player that wants to mix things up after playing Star Wars themed Milsim stuff for about half a year now.

I am still in this SW unit and will stay. Weekend Ops are preferred aswell as skirmishes and alike sprinkled in during whenever. All in all feel free to add me or post a recruitment text below, as i will answer as soon as i have time.

EDIT: Thanks to everybody who answerd, i will look trough the units and hopefully find just the unit im looking for.

arma 3 milsim units 2019

Last edited by Toxicchi ; 14 Feb, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Hey there woould you be interested in joining a group that is semi serious light milsim with playtimes 7 pm gmt friday saturday and sunday, modern set based of of US army rangers. We are a very new semi-serious group in GMT timezone. We have a modlist on the workshop that allows us to be any faction at any given time, which is why we dont stick to one faction and like to experience different tasks and use different gear.

We are currently looking for members in ever field due to our small size. Skull View Profile View Posts. Hi Bob Ross hopefully this wont be a happy little accident!

I am Sgt.

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Falcon and i am part of 5th Battalion, Grenadier Guards, below is our usual recruitment stuff but if you need to know anything else just add me or jump on teamspeak and let me know! Our Mission Statement To provide the ArmA 3 community with a no-nonsense, professional community which enjoys a simulation environment with no stupidity.

Each engagement is of the highest standard and with the goal of always improving. Once this is done, one of our members will be in further contact with you. Looking for further information? Teamspeak 3: Hey there dude, ive added you for a chat, id prefer if we have a normal discussion instead of sending you a wall of text. Recard View Profile View Posts.


Hey mate our unit the 16PF is a modern milsim thats based on relaxation with realism to provide fun to all members of the group, we have a flight section and infantry section. We're also a British Unit so EU based. The Platoon acts as the Brigade's advance and reconnaissance force. The Platoon was deployed on a wide variety of operations between and Our roles include locating and marking drop zones, helicopter landing zones for air landing operations, forward reconnaissance, convoy guidance, unconventional military support, hostage rescue preparation, guiding air support and artillery and working with special forces teams from various nations and being the first unit into the combat zone.

We started our campaign timeline from early 's and will persue it to present day conflicts, built in a realistic atmosphere by expert mission makers who create custom terrains, models and addons for us to enjoy a unique experience.

Not only do we care greatly about realism, our main focus is the community that we have passionately built up over 5 years of playing from vietnam, to WW2 and recently the cold war, we host many events and are lucky to have devs from IFA3 in our unit to keep us upto date with news for the mod.

We are a semi-milsim community doing pretty much what you are looking for. Just check out our Discord [discord.


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